Frequently Asked Questions

What are Stimmies, and how can I use them to improve my life?

Scientists are beginning to focus their studies on sexual arousal in women—a topic that has been grossly understudied and vastly ignored throughout history, and particularly in regards to scientific studies and research. In fact, so little is understood about female sexual arousal, a normal and vital physiological state that most women experience daily. In essence, female arousal is a topic that is consistently ignored, repressed and discouraged in women. New research has shown that sexual arousal in women releases important chemicals into the bloodstream that can improve not only sexual health, but that can also increase levels of happiness, confidence, and well-being. Our theory is that arousal—with or without engaging in sexual activity—is an important part of the human experience. In short, we think that experiencing regular arousal and developing positive feelings about their body’s reaction to it—even without engaging in a sexual act immediately afterward—can help women gain confidence, increase their mental and physical energy, and live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

What is the Theory behind Stimmies?

Our theory is that women can learn to tap into and access their sexual energy at will, using Stimmies—brief, super-short erotic stories. Stimmies are designed to be read in minutes while sipping coffee before work, at home in bed, before a first date, or anytime you have a few seconds alone and feel the need to recharge and connect with yourself. By reading a Stimmie and performing a quick meditation, users can quickly activate a state of arousal. Not only can this meditation help you recognize arousal and embrace it as a good, positive feeling—the state of arousal is thought to release a powerful cocktail of serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and opiates into the bloodstream—chemicals that make you feel amazing. The energy activated can then be channeled into the rest of the body and used to increase confidence, improve mood, and elevate your overall level of happiness.

What are the negative effects of sexual repression?

Like men, women experience sexual arousal many times a day. However, unlike men, we don’t embrace those thoughts or feelings as something positive. Instead, most of us repress arousal and replace these feelings with shame, guilt, sadness, or even anger. Stimmies helps women to evaluate the relationship they have with their bodies by teaching them to rid themselves of the negative connotations they may have with arousal, and to replace these connotations with self-love and gratitude. Many women are surprised by the effect this can have on their well-being after a short time, and how daily arousal can result in elevated moods, less stress and body tension, a higher libido, and a more active, healthier lifestyle. Once users are able to embrace the state of arousal as a part of their everyday routine, it becomes quite obvious as to how damaging blocking or repressing sexuality has been to the body, mind, and soul. We believe that women are conditioned from an early age to repress sexual thoughts and feelings when they happen. Many of them also tend to associate these feelings with negative feelings or thoughts, which further complicates our relationship with our partners and ourselves. Those that have suffered from sexual traumas can also benefit from Stimmies, as a way to focus on healing the pain and suffering they have, and by eliminating any stressful reactions they may experience throughout the day when sexual arousal is provoked.

When should I use Stimmies?

Sexual energy is healthy and vital to our bodies and minds as human beings. When performed daily, Stimmies can help you experience exciting changes to your body’s natural chemistry that can help you to feel more confident, more attractive, and in the mood more often. You can also use them as a quick, 5-minute pick-me-ups whenever you’re in need of a brief and powerful surge of female energy, or as a way to boost your mood, ease anxiety, or release stress. For the best results, Stimmies should be used everyday, at least once a day. That’s why Stimmies are quick, short, and effective, designed exclusively for women on-the-go. Stimmies are convenient enough to use in public, at work, before a meeting, or right after a session at the gym. Most women enjoy dedicating a specific time to read the story and perform the meditation, like after waking up in the morning, while eating breakfast, or having coffee, during a lunch break, before the drive home, or when settling into bed at night. Read one before getting into bed at night with your partner to get in the mood for sex. Read one to activate sexual energy before a date, or to improve your confidence before a board meeting, a work event, or a party where you’re going to meet new people.

How should I use Stimmies?

It takes only a minute or two to read one or two Stimmies, but try and lose yourself in the story while you’re reading it. Find a place where you’re certain you won’t be disturbed for at least three to five minutes. Once you’ve finished, read the meditation prompt and daily affirmations, and close your eyes. With your eyes closed, focus on your body. Concentrate on what arousal does to you. Recognize that feeling, embrace it, and love how it makes you feel, and how deserving you are of that feeling. Let the energy build up and overflow into the rest of you. Sexual energy is natural, normal, and healthy, and learning to cherish this feeling by reading Stimmies daily can help you live a stronger, happier, and healthier life.